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The Dear Bob and Sue Podcast - Episode 1

Our visitor center stamp

I'm not super-happy with the quality of this stamp, still looking for a more official-looking one.

Pelt collection

My measly pelt collection. Karen is not fond of the ermine. She always roughs it up when she walks by it. I might need to get a Plexiglas case for them.


Our bison head, which has a loose horn on one side. No matter where you are in the room, he's looking right at you. This is also where we display some of our squirrel-themed items.

As we did in all of the parks we visited, we look our photo in front of the Lake Clark NP sign. Port Allsworth, Alaska.

Karen and Matt in a small plane in Alaska

The blue glaciers were so close it felt like we could reach out and touch them.

The tail of our Piper Navajo after the collision

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