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The Dear Bob and Sue Podcast - Episode 19

Sunset from Hurricane Ridge

Sunset from Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge in the winter

The Elwha River returns to its turquoise color after the dam is removed and the sediment is gone

The Elwha River

Lake Crescent Lodge

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

Matt in front of our cabin at Lake Crescent Lodge

The original fireplace inside the lobby of Lake Crescent Lodge

Marymere Falls

The hike to Marymere Falls

The view from the end of the maintained trail at Mt Storm King

The rope going up Mt Storm King

Sol Duc Falls

Hiking down into the 7 Lakes Basin in the rain

Hiking down to Lunch Lake

Our tents at the Lunch Lake campsite, during a break in the rain

Sunrise at Lunch Lake in the 7 Lakes Basin

The Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest

Shi Shi Beach

Point of Arches, Shi Shi Beach

Starfish at Shi Shi

View from our tent, Shi Shi Beach

Point of Arches, Shi Shi Beach

Campfire at night, Shi Shi Beach

The whiskey bottle Lolly found, Shi Shi Beach

Sunset, Shi Shi Beach

The trail to Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery

Lake Quinault Lodge

View of Lake Quinault from the lodge

Giant fallen cedar in the Staircase Area

The Great Bend of the Skokomish River, Staircase area

The Skokomish River in the Staircase Area

Royal Basin

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