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The Dear Bob and Sue Podcast - Episode 22

Taking off down the Colorado River, with the Navajo Bridges in front of us

Our first campsite- Hot Na Na

Karen with her dry bag in one hand and her wine in the other

Matt and Karen getting ready to set up their tent for the first time

Matt and Ian looking for their beers in the supply raft

The chair circle

The snack table with the bags of wine hanging off

Karen and Lolly ready to run the first rapids at House Rock

One of the supply rafts

Eric the lead boatman rowing Karen down the river

Out for our first hike

Our sleep kits piled on the beach

The crew prepares dinner

Karen packing up in the morning.

Craig taking a nap on the sleeping pads

The crew

Our last campsite before disembarking at Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch

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