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The Dear Bob and Sue Podcast - Episode 23

Matt, bow riding. Hold on!

Getting ready to take off at Lees Ferry!

First night's camp at Hot Na Na

Redwall Cavern

The passengers inside Redwall Cavern

View from inside Redwall Cavern

Nankoweap granaries

Frolicking in the Little Colorado River

The confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado River.

Our boatman Rich at Elves Chasm

Boatman Rio at the confluence of Havasu Creek

Havasu Creek

Havasu Creek

The Colorado River from above on the hike to the Patio.

Matt walking in the creek at the Patio.

Deer Creek running through the Patio

Deer Creek Falls


The butt dam at Matkatamiba

One of our campsites

One of our campsites

One of our campsites

Just upstream from Lava Falls

The jet boat on our last evening on the river

Our group floating down the

Little Colorado River. It was

as much fun as it sounds!

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